Elements of Well Being is a multi modality Clinic that works as a collective to bring about a positive change in the health of the local Sunshine Coast Community.
We have Professional Therapists in Private Clinic rooms and Community Information Classes and Workshops to assist, empower and educate all who attend.
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 Ella Moon

Remedial Massage and Shiatsu Therapist
Japanese Yoga and Qi Gong Instructor
Enrolled Nurse
Ella has a wealth of experience to share as a health therapist and nurse.  Her private Clinic Practice is in Remedial and Shiatsu Massage where she treats a wide variety of conditions by bringing about release through physical touch and pressure techniques. Her gentle and caring nature flow through into all of her treatments as she genuinely comes from a place of love and non-judgement. This is a fabulous modality to alleviate stress and tension that you may be holding deep within your body tissues.  Ella is a long time pioneer for the attainment of wellness through the use of natural therapies, her passion is to assist clients restore a sense of balance, wholeness and vitality.  Initially trained as a fitness instructor back in the 90's Ella has continued to study the art of healing with a BA(Hons) in Complementary Therapy (Shiatsu), Diploma of Remedial Massage, and Japanese Yoga and Qi Gong instruction.  Weaving together Eastern and Western medical practices Ella is able to offer a varied health program aimed at individual needs. Ella is our resident Qi Gong Instructor, a regular presenter within our Community Information Series and she also runs health based Workshops. Contact Ella directly to book a Remedial or Shiatsu Massage or to book for Qi Gong :

Jane McGarvey

Diploma Progressive Kinesiology 
Diploma Herbal Medicine
Diploma Holistic Human Development
Jane works in private clinic as a Registered Kinesiologist and is very passionate about empowering her clients to clear away unwanted programs, patterns, sabotages and destructive behaviours. Using specialised techniques, she is able to clearly identify and resolve true root cause, even when you do not now what it s yourself! Kinesiology is an incredibly powerful, noninvasive modality that is perfectly tailored to suit the individual and what their needs are. We can address all aspects in this way, from Nutritional to Structural to Spiritual.  Her passion in working with others is exciting and inspiring. She has been working as a Natural Therapist since 2003 and has enjoyed her continued studies that enable her to serve the Client even further.  She truly believes in change without the pain. Jane holds Self Testing Workshops, Teen Empowerment Classes and weekly Meditation Groups.  She also co-hosts the sound Meditation Evenings that are a part of our Community Information Series.  Contact Jane directly to arrange a Kinesiology appointment or to enquire about Meditation or Kinesiology Workshops:

Emma Anderson

Licensed Acupuncturist, BHSc

Emma is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  She obtained her Degree in Health Science (Acupuncture) in 2011, and completed an internship at the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in Nanning, south China.  This valuable experience allowed Emma to train in hospitals with Chinese doctors and see first-hand how acupuncture and Chinese medicine is integrated into the hospital system in its country of origin. Sheenjoys working and collaborating with other natural therapists in a multi-modality clinic environment.  She has additional experience working with medical professionals in an integrative medicine environment, assisting cancer patients with acupuncture by addressing cancer symptoms and the side effects experienced during medical treatment.  Acupuncture has a history that dates back thousands of years and is a natural form of medicine that supports the body’s own healing mechanisms, thereby promoting good health.  Additionally, Emma treats with her own range of flower essences if a client wishes to include them in treatment alongside acupuncture.  To find out more about acupuncture, the flower essences, and other complimentary Chinese medicine services offered at Elements of Well Being, please visit the Chinese Medicine Wellness website @ www.cmwellness.com.au.  To make an enquiry or book an appointment with Emma, please phone 0412 956 474, or email connect@cmwellness.com.au

Kelly Scanlan

Diploma Parapsychology & Metaphysics
Bachelor Science Nursing
Bachelor Arts PreLaw
Psychic Medium Readings & Classes
Kelly is our residient Psychic who works in Private Clinic, providing readings, guidance and spiritual chanelling. Her beautiful energy is sure to inspire and allay your deepest fears as you receive spiritual guidance. She is truly blessed with a strong intuition that she uses to guide you to awareness of what has bought you to the current place in your life. Her background in human physiology and psychology allow her to grasp the full picture of where you are at and how to help you move forward into new directions. Kelly is a regular presenter in our Community Information Series and runs weekend Workshops teaching others how to open up their own psychic abilities. Contact Kelly directly to book a private session with her or to book in for one of her workshops: 0405 043 765

 Luke Chapman

Shamanic Healer
Shamanic Journey Facilitator
Luke works in private Clinic in a gentle and non-invasive energetic way to align the energetic body with the physical body, so that you can be a peaceful, powerful being.  Using Shamanic principles, he works to heal, re-calibrate and recharge the chakras, clear the auric field,  remove incarnates, address karmic patterns and to complete soul retrievals. His passion is to work with you to unleash and realise your full potential. Luke also facilitates Shamanic Journeys as a pat of our weekly Community Information Series. and runs Workshops. Please contact Luke directly to arrange a private session or to join one of his workshops: 0417 000 661


The Clinic is centrally located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.
On the corner of David Low Way and Mudjimba Beach Road, upstairs from the Northshore Medical centre in Mudjimba.