Ella Moon and Jane McGarvey have worked to create an innovative health and well being centre that supports Natural Health Principles and Modalities, as well as aligning itself with the overall health of the local community by providing Community Information Sessions, health and well being classes and a place where you can truly retreat in a safe and supportive environment. 

Total Health Solutions Package

Effective solutions for:

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma Recovery

6 Sessions to Wellness for people who are seeking to make big changes in their lives!

 2 x Massage to take your body out of the stress response

2 x Kinesiology to heal the root cause of your distress

2 x Acupuncture to reset all of your body systems

To be redeemed within12 weeks.





Ella will move you physically and spiritually as she teaches you how to enhance and move your Qi with Ancient Qi Gong and Japanese Yoga. Her private sessions as a Registered Remedial and Shiatsu Masage Therapist will lower your stress, ease your pain, improve your outlook and improve the total condition of your body systems, raising your immune system and energy levels.


Jane will empower you to master your own mind and find some clarity with the Ancient Art of Meditation and teach you about Kinesiology Health principles so that you can be the master of your health goals. Her private sessions as a Registered Kinesiologist and a ThetaHealer will reprogram and clear your limiting belief patterns, clear past traumas and address your structural and nutritional condition.


Using acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Emma can help you to identify some of the key issues that are causing illness, pain, or discomfort.  Acupuncture is a natural form of medicine, originating thousands of years ago from China.  It has stood the test of time where in our current era, it is helping many people to restore good health by assisting with a wide range of health conditions.  It is a holistic medicine which can address all aspects of one self; physical, mental, and emotional.  Acupuncture also offers great benefit to people with maintaining general well-being and good health.

 Ella Moon

Remedial Massage and Shiatsu Therapist

Japanese Yoga and Qi Gong Instructor

Enrolled Nurse

Ella has a wealth of experience to share as a health therapist and nurse.  A long time pioneer for the attainment of wellness through the use of natural therapies, her passion is to assist clients restore a sense of balance, wholeness and vitality.  Initially trained as a fitness instructor back in the 90's Ella has continued to study the art of healing with a BA(Hons) in Complementary Therapy (Shiatsu), Diploma of Remedial Massage, and Japanese Yoga and Qi Gong instruction.  Weaving together Eastern and Western medical practices Ella is able to offer a varied health program aimed at individual needs.

Contact Ella directly to book a Remedial or Shiatsu Massage : 0437822347

Qi Fit Japanese Yoga Qi Gong classes are run 3 times a week. There is no need to book for Qi Fit Classes.

Jane McGarvey

Progressive Kinesiology 


Meditation Teacher

Jane has been working as a Natural health Therapist since 2003 when she completed her Diploma in Herbal Medicine.  Since then she has increased her skill set to include Diploma’s in Kinesiology and Holistic Human Development. She also holds a Certificate in ThetaHealing which intends to go one step further to clear deeply seated issues on a DNA level. She has been teaching Meditation and Personal Development at retreats and local classes for more than 6 years and enjoys Workshop style presenting.

Jane is passionate about working with others to empower and to clear past programs and traumas that the individual needs to move away from in order to attain a higher state of well being. She also enjoys working with and empowering children and teens to assist them through the various stages of development and peer based pressures. True well being should always be viewed from a familial and societal point of view.

Contact Jane directly to arrange a Kinesiology or ThetaHealing appointment or to enquire about Meditation or Kinesiology Workshops: 0478438439    

Emma Anderson

Licensed Acupuncturist, BHSc

Emma is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  She obtained her Degree in Health Science (Acupuncture) in 2011, and completed an internship at the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in Nanning, south China.  This valuable experience allowed Emma to train in hospitals with Chinese doctors and see first-hand how acupuncture and Chinese medicine is integrated into the hospital system in its country of origin.  She has also enjoyed the opportunity of exploring their intriguing culture in general. 

Emma enjoys working and collaborating with other natural therapists in a multi-modality clinic environment.  She has additional experience working with medical professionals in an integrative medicine environment, assisting cancer patients with acupuncture by addressing cancer symptoms and the side effects experienced during medical treatment. 

Acupuncture has a history that dates back thousands of years and is a natural form of medicine that supports the body’s own healing mechanisms, thereby promoting good health.  Additionally, Emma treats with her own range of flower essences if a client wishes to include them in treatment alongside acupuncture. 

To find out more about acupuncture, the flower essences, and other complimentary Chinese medicine services offered at Elements of Well Being, please visit the Chinese Medicine Wellness website @ www.cmwellness.com.au.  To make an enquiry or book an appointment with Emma, please phone 0412 956 474, or email connect@cmwellness.com.au


Jane McGarvey >>> Kinesiology Self Testing Techniques and Teen Empowerment 9-10 week programs

Jane teaches 2 Workshops at Elements of Well Being, both follow a similar format, with one designed for the adult audience on a 3 hour, same day format and the other designed for Teenagers (age 11 to 15) one day a week for the duration of the Queensland school term.

 Are you interested in learning how to bypass your conscious mind? Have you been looking for a way to manage your own health? Would you like to learn how to bring only the most useful strategies into your life? Have you lost the connection to your intuition?

Gain confidence with your Self Testing
Emotional Stress Release Techniques
Test for food sensitivities
Identify problem areas/people in your life
Check for supports that your body needs
Balance your Chakra and Clean your Aura
Manage your stress naturally
Test for mind/body connections

Jane McGarvey has been teaching others to feel empowered with these life changing techniques since 2014. She truly believes that we all have he innate ability to self heal if we can learn how to understand the information that our bodies are giving us.

Please email to book OR check the Facebook page for future event dates and prices. 

CLICK HERE to link with Jane on Facebook.

Simone Atkinson >>> Mindfulness Meditation & Movement for the whole family

The simple meaning of Mindfulness is 'remembering to be aware' -  while doing anything, anywhere, any time, when we are totally engaged in an activity.  The Children will be encouraged to enjoy the experience by being totally engaged and mindful. Mindfulness leads to structural changes in the brain that develop and  enhance the qualities of:    

Kindness and Compassion        
Atunement to others                               
Longer attention span
Better impulse control               
Be able to concentrate and listen         
 Effective in treating anxiety and stress​

Fun, interactive and creativity based Classes, using mindfulness through the workshops. CLICK HERE to find out more about Simone's classes. CLICK HERE to link with Simone's Facebook page.

Amanda Candy >>> Psychic Development Classes and Workshops

Would you like to learn how to active your Psychic/Intuitive abilities in a fun 3 hour Workshop or in a weekly Class? Are you interested in connecting with your higher self and loved ones who have passed over? Do you feel that you would benefit from having a deeper connection with your Spiritual aspects?  If so, then learn the tools of the trade from a highly skilled Psychic and dynamic presenter! Amanda has travelled the World, teaching and reading and now she is bringing her wealth of Psychic knowledge to share with and to empower you.

Psychometry (receiving information from objects) - Automatic writing  - Reading Auras - Remote viewing  - Dream interpretations - Cutting cords - Clearing Charkas - Grounding - Pendulums - Oracle Cards

No experience is necessary, simply bring along a sense of fun & a willingness to play.  Amanda will incorporate various tools in each workshop & will cater the needs of the group.  The half day Workshops are run at different times of the year.

Email Amanda for more information or check the Facebook Page for coming events

Rob Rich >>> Workshops teaching Ortho-Bionomy

Rob is an Ortho-Bionomy instructor with 17 years of clinical experience in helping people with chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain.  Ortho-Bionomy works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to assist you to realign bones, relax both physically and emotionally and improve how you function. Ortho-Bionomy training is available for both self-development as well as professional development for body workers. Massage therapist often find this modality reduces the stress on their body and allows them to work deeper quicker without causing pain.

Please have a look at the facebook page for upcoming workshops in Ortho-Bionomy.

Email Rob for more information and to register


Clinic Location

The Clinic is centrally located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, upstairs from the Northshore Medical centre in the Beachside community of Mudjimba.